Eco. Ethical. Evolved.

Ever Green only uses eco-conscious products with responsible ingredients and packaging. We're concerned about what goes down our drains and what gets packed into our garbage and recycling cans.

The products we use come from companies that use responsible packaging, use their own essential oils, never engage in animal testing, and are considered some of the best products available on the market today. Here are some of our favorites:

Organic Way (Oway)

Organic Way (Oway) is the world’s first professional organic hair color with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. Using biodynamic medicinal herbs and essential oils, they've created some of the highest quality hair care and color products available. Oway uses only natural ingredients in harmony with nature from their own organic farm.


Kavella® is a collection of vegan, nontoxic, professional hair care products using the highest quality ingredients. We create the most effective plant-based formulas for healthy, beautiful hair without taking any toxic chemical shortcuts. Our hair treatments serve all types of hair concerns, delivering results right from the first use.


All of Onesta's formulas contain certified organic botanical extracts. Their mission includes protecting our world’s resources and being ecologically sustainable. Onesta knows that eco-consciousness, sustainability, and accountability are integral parts of a good business strategy.

Hanz de Fuko

Hanz de Fuko was born in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District in February of 2009. The products are crafted with natural plant extracts for optimum scalp and hair health.

Crown Shaving Co.

Crown Shaving Co. products have a masculine appeal with their old world luxury and old school charm. This line of supreme grooming products for men uses only the finest ingredients available. Crown Shaving Co. products are enriched with botanical ingredients, and are free of artificial colorant, paraben, and sulfate. Try Crown Shaving Co. and turn your dreaded daily grooming regimen into an enjoyable daily manly ritual.

Mariner Jack

Mariner Jack's line of beard and moustache products are all handcrafted from the finest ingredients and essential oils. Products include beard oils and balms, moustache wax, and specialty soaps. Scents include peppermint, niaouli, patchouli, sandalwood, cypress, and more.