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Haircut & Barber Services

Buzz Cut
This is a cut that is all the same length guard all over with clippers.
15 minutes $20

Barber Cut
45 minutes
$38-45 depending on length of hair

Razor Head Shave
Shave entire head using straight razor
45 minutes $40

Cutthroat Shave
Straight shave on face
1 hour $38

Cut/Shave combo
Barber cut and straight shave on face
1 hour $70

Beard Trim
15 minutes $15

Beard Razor Line Up
30 minutes $20

Bang Trim
10 minutes $10

Includes Shampoo
30 minutes $45

This is a non-gender specific haircut option. It covers the service of any haircut short or long. Haircut includes shampoo and blowdry, and ranges from $45-65

Kids Services

Hair needs to be clean. Shampoo and blowdry cost extra. Children must be attended at all times and are not permitted to roam or climb on furniture.

This is for children 2-10yo that receive any type of clipper work.
30 minutes $35

This is for kids 2-10yo.
30 minutes $25-45

Haircolor Services

All color appointments will have a thorough consultation to decide on what is the best service for your needs. During this consultation, the price will be discussed. Prices listed here are just to give a general idea of cost expectations.

Root Re-Touch Color
This service is for grey retouch, color retouch, shadowroot retouch, or toner service. Includes Blowdry.
1 hour 15 minutes Starting at $85

Blonding Service Touch Up
This service is for you if you already have blonde or dimensional color and would like to touch up what you already have. This service includes a toner if needed.
2 hours Starting at $130

Blonding Service Full
This service is for you if you would like a transformational blonding service, or need a full blonding retouch. Includes toner. price starts at $175. Come with clean hair.
2 hours 30 minutes Starting at $175

Toner/Extra Bowls Of Color

If you are unsure of which service to choose, please call us at 503-688-7504.

Hair Extensions

Consultation is required for all hair extension services. During this consultation, the price will be discussed.

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