About Us

Our Approach

As Portland's farm-to-table salon and barbershop, Ever Green provides hair cuts, shaves, styles, and colors. We specialize in services for ethical consumers who want to look good while making smart choices. As a Green Circle Salon, Ever Green is proud to be part of an international movement that holds salons and barbershops to the highest possible standards.

Our Story

When we first started looking for hair products with fewer toxins, we became frustrated by our choices. We found some products that had more natural ingredients but still used synthetic fragrances, and others that came in non-recyclable packaging. But we stuck to our goal of finding ethical, holistic hair care products that wouldn’t damage our clients, our hands, or our environment. From that search came the realization that it wasn’t going to be enough to only have ethical products on the shelves if the rest of the salon couldn’t measure up. And since we couldn’t find a salon or barbershop that fit the bill, we built one ourselves.

Meet the Owners

Jolie Faulkner

Owner | Hairstylist

With two decades experience in professional hair services, Jolie is driven by a holistic approach to great hair. Her vision of a more ethical hair care experience is the driving force behind Ever Green. She loves working with each of her clients on creating a customized plan, whether it’s fixing damaged hair, finding a better color, or crafting a low-maintenance hair style.

Michael Faulkner

Owner | Barber

For the past 2 years, Mike has poured his heart and soul into every haircut he’s given. He always wanted to love what he did every day so he wouldn’t have to work again – and he found that in barbering. Mike’s interest in creating a chemical-free, eco-friendly barbershop was driven by his 13 years of experience in the environmental consulting field.

Certified Green Circle Salon

Ever Green is proud to be a Green Circle Salon. GCS offers a comprehensive recycling/repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, and chemicals get diverted out of our waste and water stream. This program improves the environmental impact of the salon industry, and provides a new standard for salons and barbershops nationwide.

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